Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Newspapers: Dying on Write Support

I can remember when it took me a half hour or so to read the local papers like the Philadelphia Inquirer or Courier Post. Each paper used to be four or five columnists that I always wanted to read. Not anymore! I’m not sure I can name more than one or two columnists in either paper.

And geez, the sports coverage is so anemic...

The content has thinned out considerably, like Valerie Bertinelli on Jenny Craig. There’s no heft even in Sunday editions!

The New York Times, Wall St Journal and the Washington Post still publish decent newspapers though I read their content almost exclusively online. I can’t remember the last time I bought a USA Today.

Newspapers have lost the battle with cable news shows, online news websites and blogs for subscribers and viewers. Newspapers present stale news. Cable shows and the Internet promote immediate access and continual updates.

Newspapers used to do a very good job of investigative reporting but with limited staff, resources and will, haven’t done much of that lately.

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