Friday, August 8, 2008

Every NJ Voter Should Read This Book

I highly recommend The Soprano State: New Jersey's Culture of Corruption by Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure.

If you have been a resident of New Jersey for any period of time, there is not a lot in this book that will surprise you. Our taxes are too high. Our schools are performing poorly. The state government is really run by a number of county bosses. The state unions are out of control. Politicians do not only double dip, but triple and quadruple dip. Too many state workers earn pensions and benefits with very little work or time on the job.

The authors do a great job at describing some of the lamest people and the lamest things done to "help" The City of Camden.

You'll read about a number of very dumb ideas for legislation. You'll gasp about the performance (or lack of) by various politicians. The coverage of the rise and fall of Jim McGreevey alone is reason to read this book. This book skewers both Democrats and Republicans.

This is a very well written book that does not pull many punches. If you're a New Jersey resident, read this book with a strong drink in your hand.

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