Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Immoral U.S. Economy??

"We’ve witnessed over the last two decades in the United States a steady decline in the willingness of people in leading positions in the private sector – on Wall Street and in large corporations especially – to maintain minimum standards of public morality. They seek the highest profits and highest compensation for themselves regardless of social consequences.

CEOs of large corporations now earn 300 times the wages of average workers. Wall Street moguls take home hundreds of millions, or more. Both groups have rigged the economic game to their benefit while pushing downward the wages of average working people."

Robert Reich  America's Economy is Immoral

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Feeding Your Mind

Just as there are a lot of choices to feed your stomach, there are a lot of choices to feed your mind. And just as there is too much junk food to clog your arteries and negatively impact your health, there is too much information junk (you see many of these from magazines at the cashier's station when you are ready to pay for your groceries.)

The internet is full of junk reading. Lies, rumors, slanders and inaccurate information abounds.

Too many people read articles and books that feed their prejudices and not enough materials that may open their minds and improve their judgments.