Monday, March 31, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

While I'm reading Retribution: The Battle for Japan 1944-45 by Max Hastings, some past books I liked and I include some mini reviews.

Serpent on the Rock by Kurt Eichenwald
Covered the 80’s and early 90’s scandal at Prudential Securities. What fascinates me is how a large number of employees allowed themselves to be bullied and blackmailed into condoning and even promoting fraud on investors, mainly elderly.

Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four by John Feinstein
Feinstein had a number of great anecdotes, particularly about the coaches from the 2005 NCAA Tournament.

The Church That Forgot Christ by Jimmy Breslin.
Breslin a lifelong and devout Catholic writes a diatribe against the Catholic institution in its handling of the sexual abuse allegations against priests.

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