Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coming Attractions

I was pleased to hear that a new James Bond book, titled Devil May Care will be published shortly. The author is Sebastian Faulkes with whom I am not acquainted. After Ian Fleming died, I had read a James Bond series written by Raymond Benson. Benson's Bond was a pale copy of Fleming's. I have not seen a new Benson book about Bond in many years.

I am a big fan of the Bond series, including the books and the movies...

I was also pleased to read that Max Hastings is writing a book about the end of the Second World War in Japan titled Retribution The Battle for Japan 1944-45. I read through most of Hastings' book Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45, that I heartily recommend. It's a very readable and interesting book for history buffs of WWII.

Two books to look forward to read....

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