Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Thing about Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead by David Shields

To tell the truth, the book title is one big hook.

Shields writes about our physical progress and regress from conception to death. It’s a tale of what happens to our body and mind as we get older. He also intersperses anecdotes from his life and those of his father, who is slowing just a bit in his 90’s and provides quotes from a variety of people on aging and death.

As a 55 year old man, I got to wax nostalgic about what I experienced (or missed) from my “youth.” I also got to read what I can expect to experience as I get older. (My hearing, sight, sense of taste and touch will change for the worse.)

Normally I find books like these boring and to be honest, quite depressing. However I enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover. It made me more meditative than melancholy.

"Older" readers may appreciate the information and wisdom found in the book a bit more than younger readers.

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