Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brain Rules by John Medina

If all my science texts were like Medina’s book when I was in school, I’d learn a whole lot more than I did and with a lot more interest.

I really enjoyed Brain Rules, the book and the accompanying DVD. The DVD was a great idea. It summarized the book in an entertaining and engaging way. Medina employed the “visual” to support what he wrote in the book.

Medina’s book was very user-friendly in describing the parts and functions of the brain. If you had no interest in how the brain works, Medina offered a number of practical takeaways to improve your thinking with chapters on:
*Sleep and Rest
*Improving Memory
*Reducing Stress
*Paying attention (We don't pay attention to boring things)

I enjoyed reading the book. Very user-friendly for those with or without a scientific bent.

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