Friday, April 25, 2008

Do You Believe? by Antonio Monda

The subtitle of this book is Conversations on God and Religion.

I viewed it more as a poll on whether those interviewed believed in God, the afterlife and religion. Now those polled included a number of heavy hitters in literature and culture including Saul Bellow, Richard Ford, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Jane Fonda and Martin Scorsese.

“Deeply moving, Do You Believe? is a truly compelling book, bound to become a classic.”— Commonweal

I skimmed through a lot of the book. Some of the respondents provided interesting answers and perspectives. Some of the respondents were not so interesting. The chapters were relatively short (between 7-10 pages). The respondents were divided between believers and non-believers.

It's not a classic for me. I would have preferred picking this book up at my library for free if they had it compared to buying it at Barnes and Noble as I did.

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