Friday, May 18, 2007

My One Minute Review on One Minute Manners

One Minute Manners by Ann Marie Sabath promises quick solutions to the most awkward situations you'll ever face at work including:

  • *Being unsure of how to address individuals higher in rank than you.

*Showing up for a meeting with your manager and clients only to realize that you are underdressed.

*Handling a person seated next to you on a flight who is talking your ear off while you want to relax

*Going out to lunch with someone who talks with food in their mouth

I think Ms. Saban's book is an adequate introduction to business protocol for recent grads and young people getting their feet wet in the business world. It doesn't take long to skim through the book. You can probably finish it while waiting for your flight in an airport. You'll be prepared how to handle a talkative neighbor, if you are unlucky to have one.

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