Thursday, May 3, 2007

Going on a Diet...a Media Diet

While reading Bit Literacy: Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail Overload, by Mark Hurst, I was struck about his admonition to go on a diet, a media diet. (I will write a review of Mark’s book shortly.)

My craving for information has carried me to the extremes in media overload. I have two local papers delivered daily that I dutifully skim from front to back pages. I subscribe to and read three magazines weekly (Business Week, Sports Illustrated and Sporting News.) In addition, I will usually buy and read the following magazines:

Men’s Health
Best Life

I have about two dozen news and information websites on my Internet favorites that I view for current news on business, current events, sports, culture, books, politics, and assorted subjects of interest. I also have a list of about 20 blogs that I skim through on a routine basis.

I view segments of a number of news shows daily (Hardball, Tucker, Scarborough, Larry King, PTI and ESPN.) I consider shows on Fox as propaganda, not news, so I rarely watch them.

On top of all that, I knock off 1-2 books weekly….

I’m so busy collecting information that I’m not spending enough time to assimilate, analyze and use it.

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