Sunday, May 13, 2007

God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens

You can read the high brow New York Times review by Michael Kinsley or read what I have to say below....

First, if you are a devout Christian, Muslim, Catholic or Jew, you will not like this book. Hitchens is an equal opportunity oppponent of all religions. Avoid this book if you don't want to see your motives, critical reasoning, and beliefs attacked.

Hitchens finds arguments in history, science, politics and philosophy to refute religion.

Hitchens doesn't seek a knockout punch to win his argument. Instead he offers what he thinks are a large number of cuts to arguments and dogmas offered by religions now and in the past.

He doesn't just pick on the religious institutions. He offers criticism of religious icons such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa also.

Secularists and atheists have found their most effective spokesman....

I'm looking forward to reading or hearing the refutation of this book by God's chosen spokesperson...

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