Thursday, April 19, 2007

Laying the Smackdown on Mick Foley

My cultural and reading tastes are rather eclectic. I would not readily admit to being a fan of professional wrestling.

The Hardcore Diaries by Mick Foley is the type of book that I would not buy but I'll take it out of the local library and read it.

Mick Foley is an icon in professional wrestling. In the ring, he terrorized opponents as Cactus Jack or Mankind. He was known for his very dangerous stunts and falls in the ring. He once lost part of an ear while wrestling as it got caught in the ring ropes.

Out of the ring, this book captures Foley, the family man and sensitive soul. As adept as he was with a closeline in the ring, he writes with a light touch including self deprecation and charming wit. This book is more a portrait of Mick Foley, the man as opposed to Mick Foley, the WWE wrestler and entertainer.

Unless you follow WWE wrestling or are already familiar with Mick Foley, you probably won't enjoy this book and you won't understand the inside jokes the author makes about his fellow wrestlers.

I haven't read a great or even very good book on pro wrestling or any of its performers. The worst book I read was written about Dusty Rhodes. (It had countless spelling and grammar errors). Even "rasslin" fans like good grammar.

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