Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Gems from Seth Godin on Customer Service

I am a huge Seth Godin fan. Just about every blog post he publishes could be included in my " smartest things I've read today."  This blog post covers customer service issues.

 Some ways to make people feel stupid:

  • Change different prices at different outlets and shrug your shoulders when you get found out.
  • Give new customers a great discount for signing up, but tell  long-term customers that they're out of luck. ( EB comment:  that's for you Comcast)
  • Sell the private data you get from customers to other marketers without asking them first. (EB comment:  that's why I have issues with making charitable donations. Your name and phone number gets sold to other  charities who begin to solicit you.)
  • Put the important information in your terms and conditions, in little tiny type
  • Lower your pricing but don't honor it for people who just bought from you.

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