Friday, February 27, 2015

Are Printed Books Better than E-Books?

I just skimmed through an interesting online article on Nine Studies Show Why Printed Books are Better. I prefer reading a printed book myself. I have a better idea on how much progress I've made in the book or within a chapter. I can highlight sections easier and if inclined, write notes in the book. The big advantage with an e-book is cost. Unless you can find the book you like in the library, you may have to spend 50-80% more purchasing the printed book vs. downloading the book online.

I also miss the smell and feel of a printed book. The biggest thing I miss is the experience of going to a bookstore to slowly browse the shelves, thumb through books I may have interest and purchasing them.

Content on a Kindle or Ipad seems very antiseptic at times. As an aside, I'd say that 50% of my reading comes from books in the library, 40% from e-books and 10% from purchased printed books from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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