Friday, February 29, 2008


William F. Buckley was an interesting man. I did not particularly care for many of his political views but I enjoyed his wide vocabulary and debate skills. I used to watch Firing Line, a political discussion show, when I could and enjoyed watching him in debate. He was extremely fast on his feet and flashed wit and humor when the occasion arose.

He was one of our modern day Renaissance men. He was a prolific writer, in fiction and in politics. He was a political philosopher promoting conservatism. He started a political magazine, The National Review and was an accomplished speaker. In addition, he was a musician (piano?) and yachtsman.

While I was not a customer or frequent reader of National Review, I would occasionally view his political articles on the Internet. I was not a fan of his Blackford Oates, spy series books. (I tried it. I did not like it). Too dark, not enough action...

I did read and enjoy many of his books and essays on politics and on his life. I enjoyed two in particular Miles Gone By and Overdrive: A Personal Documentary.

I'd recommend reading his articles and books just to improve one's vocabulary and use of the English language.

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