Monday, December 27, 2010

White House Diary by Jimmy Carter

If you are interested in the Carter Presidency (1977-1981) or about the Presidency, you may enjoy this book.  I skimmed through it primarily to see Carter’s reflections during the Iran Hostage crisis and his observations about people like Ronald Reagan, Edward Kennedy, Tip O’Neill and the Shah of Iran. It was also interesting to read of his wife Rosalynn’s participation and input into his Presidency.
Like Carter himself, this book is straight forward and no nonsense. There are no scintillating stories or earth shaking revelations. (Carter was upset with Ted Kennedy and mistrusted him. Kennedy ran unsuccessfully against Carter for the 1980 Democratic nomination for President.)
I view Jimmy Carter as a good man. He has done an extraordinary amount of work for charitable causes since he left Office. As President, he was at best, Fair. I remember the feelings of helplessness that this country suffered during the hostage crisis.

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