Friday, November 9, 2007

Innovate Like Edison by Gelb and Caldicott

If you read and enjoyed Gelb’s previous book How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci, you’ll like this book also. You’ll pick up some great advice and strategies that will help you think better, organize and plan your business more effectively and generate creative ideas.

I love ideas to help me become a better thinker and there are a large number of practical steps offered in this book that can help you in the business world and in your personal endeavors.

You'll also read a brief bio of Thomas Edison and see how he was successful in generating ideas and products.

Hint: Edison was a voracious reader and kept notebooks (just like DaVinci) to track his thoughts, ideas and experiences.

P.S. The authors offer a website for additional information. I checked it out and other than the main page plugging the book, the other links only indicated that "More Was Coming Soon." Very disappointing given the topic of the book.

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