Thursday, September 27, 2007

Funky Winkerbean Comic

When I read the comics, I'm looking for some levity, some laughs. I enjoy Dilbert and Doonesbury as I also get some very cogent political, business and cultural commentary.

One of the other comics I have viewed lately is Funky Winkerbean. I've been following the losing fight against breast cancer by one of its characters, Lisa Moore. Lisa is a young woman with a five year old daughter. Her husband, Les teaches school.

Lisa's character is scheduled to succumb to breast cancer in the October 4th strip.

Even though it's just a cartoon, one can imagine thousands of brave young women involved in the same fight.

The cartoonist Tom Batiuk has told this story poignantly, effectively without becoming too maudlin. Batiuk deserves "Cartoonist of the Year" for his public service.

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