Monday, September 17, 2007

Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush

Here are the good things about George W. Bush in Robert Draper's book. He is very athletic and fit. He loves his wife and daughters. He doesn't like to keep people waiting and insists on starting meetings on time. Despite popular perception, he reads books and may be more analytic and intelligent than he is currently portrayed.

Unfortunately the book also covers the not so good things about his Presidency and his judgment. The book largely revolves around Iraq and how the war was hugely mismanaged. Throw in the debacles of Harriet Miers for a Supreme Court nomination, the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, Alberto Gonzalez....well you get the idea.

Draper's book is a decent portrait of George Bush and how he has performed in his Presidency. If you're a "Bushie," you'll tend to dismiss it. If you are not a Bush supporter, nothing in this book will change your mind though I feel the author did not provide any additional ammunition for your distaste.

The book is 419 pages and it took me a week to read.

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