Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hundred Dollar Baby by Robert B. Parker

This novel is part of the Spenser series. Spenser is a hardnosed Boston P.I. who with the help of his friend, Hawk, who is great with his fists and a gun, solves mysteries and handles problems for his clients.
I guess I have read about 10 of the Spenser books. They are an easy read. The stories move fast and the dialogue among Spenser, Hawk and Spenser's gal, Susan offers wit, humor and entertainment.
I'm not sure what purpose Susan plays in the series. It may be time for her to move on...
Spenser's fidelity to Susan has held him back from more interesting pursuits and plot lines.
Some readers will remember the Spenser For Hire TV show with Robert Ulrich as the detective.
I don't purchase the Spenser novels. I wait till my library gets them and borrow them. It's not classic literature but they are generally fun to read.

I was disappointed with the plot and the sudden ending to Hundred Dollar Baby. I hope for a better effort in the next Spenser book.

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