Sunday, June 24, 2007

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The author who outsources a variety of business and personal tasks may be happy to find out that I bought and read his book on my own.

I liked it. He taught this "old dog" a few business tricks. Now I'm not saying that I can reduce my work week to four hours but he does offer some very good ideas on being more productive.

This book is more geared towards those entrepreneurial souls who are willing and capable of taking career and financial risks. So this book was a bit of a fantasy for this 50+ year old with a wife to support and retirement close by.

Ferriss recommends a rigid information diet. He suggests reading a fiction book before bed (and his book). He advises the reader to avoid daily newspapers (ask a waiter if anything big is occurring today) and news from the web, periodicals etc.

Ferriss does offer some very good tips on the following business issues that any employee or entrepreneur should consider:

* scheduling and attending meetings
* reviewing and responding to e-mails
*prioritizing tasks and projects
* time management
It's an easy read with plenty of anecdotes and lists of resources....

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