Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Apt Description of Getting Older

"When you hit your 50s life starts comin' up on ya fast,  Gordo Tallman said to me on the occasion of my 49th birthday.  For that time life is pretty much a straight line. Wife looks up to you and the young kids are small enough, and the older kids smart enough, not to weigh you down. But then, just when you start puttin' the pounds an' losing your wind, the kids'er are expectin' you to fulfill your promises and the wife all the sudden sees every single one of your flaws. Your parents, if you still got any, are gettin' old and turning back into kids themselves. For the first time you realize that the sky does have a limit. You comin' to a rise, but when you hit the top there's another life up ahead of you and here you are – – just about spent."

Walter Mosely Known To Evil

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