Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Book to Understand the History and Horror of World War II

Max Hastings has written an excellent book on the Second World War, Inferno, The World at War 1939-1945.  He recounts the war years not just from the prospectives of the leaders of the warring countries and soldiers who fought it but also from the civilians and innocents caught in the middle. It's a long book (651 pages) but a compelling (if not depressing ) read.

There are hundreds of stories about the depravities of war, including cannibalism, rape, executions and senseless violence. You'll read about the best of men under horrible circumstances and the worst possible behavior that can be exhibited by soldiers of all countries.

Hastings writes fairly. He cites the brilliance and stupidity of Generals and political leaders whether they were part of the Axis or the Allies.

This book is gritty and very honest. I've read a number of other World War II histories (including some earlier Hastings books). This is the best.

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