Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me of Little Faith by Lewis Black

I'm not a big fan of Lewis Black. I've seen him on The Daily Show and doing his stand-up routines at various times. He's OK but he's not Chris Rock or Bill Maher in my book.

However I enjoyed his book Me of Little Faith. He takes on religion, lambasting all types of faith and beliefs. As a non-practicing Catholic, I chuckled at and acknowledged many of his critical comments about the Pope and Church practices.

If the reader is sensitive about religion, he or she might choose to pass on this book. Like Black's stand-up act, he takes no prisoners and speaks his mind, bluntly.

My favorite chapter in this book is A Prayer from George Bush. It's hilarious. George threatens to tell the nation that God is behind the Iraq mess and other national maladies.

The chapters are short and this book is an easy (and very funny) read.

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