Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Champions Mind by Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras the tennis player was great. Pete Sampras, the author of A Champions Mind is OK.

If you watched a Pete Sampras tennis match, you would be watching a performance that was workmanlike, not fancy, few frills, no histrionics, and very competent. Sampras wasn’t a complainer, screamer or showman.

Sampras’s book was just like his tennis, largely straightforward. In large part, it read like a war history. He outlined some of his more major tennis battles and his strategies whether he won or lost.

There’s nothing in the book that should generate any controversy. He doesn’t back stab any opponents though he does offer some instances where players (by word or deed) pissed him off.

Sampras doesn’t offer any tennis tips to make you a better player. There is no special workout regimen or diet that will make you as US Open or Wimbledon winner.

Sampras comes off as a modest and decent guy who is very proud of his tennis accomplishments. He would put himself in the Top 5 Greatest Tennis Players of all Time (with Laver, Federer, Lendl and Borg).

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