Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now and Then by Robert Parker

This Spenser series novel was an easy read. Short chapters. Easy dialogue. Fast paced action. Some shoot-em-up and violence.

I usually finish a Spenser novel in a day or two. I knocked off this book in a few nights reading.

The book starts out like an episode of the TV series, Cheaters. Spenser is hired to follow a client's wife to see if she is fooling around. She is. She gets killed. The client is dead. Spenser cleans up the mess.

The villain does make the big mistake of targeting Susan as a means of intimidating Spenser. Big mistake!

The best feature of any Spenser novel is the dialogue among Spenser, Susan (his main squeeze), Hawk (his best friend and muscle) and any other allies and villains in the story.

I wonder why they don't have the old Spenser shows (with Robert Ulrich) on TV Land or A&E??

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