Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Paolantonio Report by Sal Paolantonio

The sub-title of this book is "The Most Overrated and Underrated Teams, Coaches and Moments in NFL History."

I like Paolantonio's reporting on the NFL as an ESPN analyst and when he does commentary on sports shows in the Philadelphia area.

Sal's book is well written and researched. He has the stats and numbers to back up his opinions, many of them controversial.

I agree with his opinions that Joe Namath was the most overrated QB of all time and that Bart Starr was the most underrated. He showed his Philadelphia "bias" in selecting Bill Bergey as the most underrated Linebacker of all time, followed by Jeremiah Trotter. Bergey's selection, I understand. Trotter seems like a huge reach.

I found out some things that shocked me. Jerry Kramer of the Packers is not in the Hall of Fame??

If you're a football fan, you'll enjoy this book.

Get your friends to read it and "let the debate begin."

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