Saturday, August 20, 2011

Troublemaker (only for the Republican Party)

Generally I am very skeptical of books written by politicians. I'm skeptical first that a politician actually wrote it. (I have heard that John F. Kennedy did not write his Pulitzer winning Profiles in Courage.) Second I'm not sure what value they have in terms of original ideas and insights.

This leads me to consider why in the world anyone would be interested in publishing, much less read "Troublemaker" by Christine O'Donnell. Anyone who has ever seen her on TV (even before she appeared on CNN'S Piers Morgan show) has witnessed someone who is not comfortable with ideas or spontaneous thinking. She seems like a nice person but one who is terribly overmatched in the arts of persuasion and debate. She draws derision but sympathy too. Her debate with Democrat Chris Coons turned out to be a mental "squash match" to borrow a term from pro wrestling in being very one sided.

I wish there were more serious books with ideas and original thinking particularly about the economic mess we are in. I doubt if it will be written by a politician or politico celebrity.

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